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Edna Mae McGovern Foundation Surfers for Autism is a not-for-profit organization designed to support the efforts of a collaboration of surfers, volunteers and sponsors dedicated to bringing the sport of surfing to families and children affected by autism. Their mission is to unlock the potential of people with developmental disabilities, support advocacy for autism issues and scientific research. Their main focus is to eliminate the stigma of autism through public awareness and education and to unite communities through volunteerism.


Infant Massage Institute

Infant Massage InstituteHere we provide more than just the luxury of spa treatments. At Marie-Josée Therapeutic Massage, we provide therapy. While we do intend that upon leaving our Clinic you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, our main concern is your wellness and well being. Our services help all ages, from new born infants to retiring seniors, offering you a wide array of therapeutic massage procedures that can help you both feel and be better. In an attempt to accomplish this well being, we often combine our massage procedures to provide the best health care we possibly can. From conventional to atypical, we have all the tools you need to feel and be healthy.


WBACFounded as World Aquatic Babies Congress in 1993 became Aquatic Babies & Children in 2006. WABC is an educational service and sharing network devoted to informing and inspiring people working with babies and children in the water.  Today, aquatic education for babies and children is gaining rapid acceptance and interest around the world.  More than 30 countries including the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Brazil,  Mexico, and Norway, have aquatic education programs specially designed for young children and infants.



Auto PilotIn production since 1976, AutoPilot Salt Chlorine Generator units have been proven over time. With over a half million satisfied customers worldwide, only AutoPilot offers you the combination of quality, dependability, customer satisfaction and warranty... insist on the BEST... the ORIGINAL, AUTOPILOT.

Aqua CalAquaCal is the largest heat pump manufacturer for pools and spas in the world. Since 1981, it has been their sincere belief that providing you with quality products and standing behind those products is their only path to success. They are the leader in the industry and have more pool and spa heat pumps installed than any of their competitors.


Joshua Collingsworth Memorial Foundation Our mission is to positively effect as many children’s lives as possible in conjunction with the organizations and causes that effected Joshua’s life. The fine organization we have chosen for the Foundations support have proven to hold the same belief in positively effecting children in Nebraska and beyond. The Foundations mission is also an endless drive to prevent future drowning accidents from occurring by supporting water safety awareness and pursuing new innovative solutions through education and or product development.

Playtown CafePlaytown Café is a 5,100 sq. ft. indoor entertainment center for ages 6 months through 8 years.  Parents, now is your chance to have an uninterrupted conversation. Let your kids explore the Town Center and engage in one of the many cool activities Playtown has to offer, while you indulge in our relaxing café.

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