Benefits of Teaching Kids How to Swim

Teaching Kids How to SwimThere are many parents who are starting to realize the benefit of teaching kids how to swim. Not only does this provide fun for the child, but it also allows them to bond with you and play with other kids. It is also an excellent way for the parents to interact with each other as well.

Since the sixties scientists have known that babies can independently swim underwater. However, it hasn’t been until recently that psychologists discovered teaching kids how to swim can increase self-confidence and personal development both emotionally and physically. Teaching kids how to swim provides them with a calm, zero-gravity environment where they can move more easily than they could on land. This is also a good thing for children with disabilities such as Down’s syndrome or cerebral palsy.

When you teach kids how to swim you are increasing their motor development, social skills, intelligence, concentration, alertness and perceptual abilities. In addition, for parents teaching kids how to swim it will provide improved nap times and help with improving your child’s nighttime sleep patterns. The improved muscle control of teaching kids how to swim has also help babies learn how to walk earlier.

If you have your own pool then you can start teaching kids how to swim at any age that you want. If you choose to sign up for a class to teach your child how to swim then you may have some age limits. However, most classes will let you start at three months of age. Just remember that the longer you wait to start teaching kids how to swim the lower their water confidence will be. By their first year children can actually begin to develop a fear of water if they haven’t been familiarized with it. If you wait until it is too late you will only cause a stressful situation for all involved in the training process.

Also keep in mind that when teaching kids how to swim they won’t become experts right away. Rather you need time and patience when teaching kids how to swim. Sometimes it can take until three years of age to learn all aspects of swimming. Just make sure you have a camera on hand to capture every moment along the way.

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