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Teaching our children to swim is as important as teaching them to read. A child who can swim is safer in and around the water. Swimming lessons are the most important step towards  drowning prevention. Children as early as six months can learn to be comfortable in the water with lessons for infants 6 months through 18 months. This is also beneficial for bath time. Many children are more comfortable in the bath tub and are able to have water poured over head without fear. Removing the fear associated with water is the first step to building a super swimmer.

Life Saving Swimming Lessons

Certified swim teacher Julie Gross of Coral Springs is dedicated to teaching children of all ages and skill levels to swim safely and successfully in the water. By teaching children to swim at a young age drowning can be prevented. Many Florida homes have swimming pools, lakes or other water systems that pose as a drowning threat to children. Julie teaches children to float and swim to the edge for safety. She can teach children to swim in a short five day period with great success. Julie also specializes in teaching children with Autism and other special needs how to swim and be safe in and near the water. Swimming lessons save lives.

Coral Springs Swim Lessons

Julie Gross and her fellow certified swim teachers provide swimming lessons for children through adult ages at their salt water heated Coral Springs pool. Here guests will find a list of lessons broken down by age group. Swimming lessons begin at 6 months through 18 months and extend to teen and adult refresher courses. Julie and her team also offer five day swim camps throughout the summer season. Registration forms and driving details are available on Julie's website.

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