Coral Springs Swimming Lesson

swimming lessons Coral SpringsSwimming lessons for Coral Springs and surrounding Broward county residents are available through Julie Gross. Julie is a certified swim instructor who specializes in teaching children to swim in just five days. She offers six varying swimming lessons in classes that are broken down by age and skill level, as well as summer swim camp sessions. Julie Gross created a fun character named Mr. Blue to aid children in their swimming lessons. There are songs, puppets and books that teach children water safety and are incorporated into the Coral Springs swim lessons.

Mr. Blue's Pool: Swim Lessons Coral Springs Location

Swim lessons from Julie Gross and the Mr. Blue crew are provided at their salt water heated Coral Springs Pool. If requested Julie can teach private one on one swim lessons at a families home pool. Julie is a Florida native and has a realistic understanding of how important swimming lessons are for children of all ages. Florida is surrounded by water with dots of lakes, rivers and pools throughout the land. Children fall victim to drowning each year in Florida. With basic swimming lessons a child can learn to remain calm upon falling in a body of water, flip over and swim to the edge for rescue. Removing the fear and panic associated with water is the first step. Ms. Gross is certified as a swim instructor and trained in CPR and first aid. She also teaches others these beneficial courses.

Swimming Lessons Coral Springs & Swim Camp

Julie's site offers class schedules, upcoming events, registration forms, pool driving directions and more. Julie and the Mr. Blue crew are revving up for the summer swim season and look forward to meeting you and your family.

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