Preparing a Child for Swim Lessons

Swim InstructionsThe only mammal in the world that doesn’t have the natural instinct or ability to swim is the human. This is why it is helpful to introduce very young children to swimming through baby swimming lessons. This way a child can grow up while learning how to swim. Teaching a child how to swim provides many safety aspects but also provides enjoyment and fitness benefits as well.

However, before you up and take your child to swimming lessons it is important that you have them as prepared as possible. The best way that you can have your child prepared for a swimming lesson is to pour small amounts of warm, non soap water over their head in the bathtub at home so that is falls over their face. It is also helpful to use toys during bath time since this helps to bring a positive aspect of being in the water and this can help translate over to their experience in the swimming pool.

It is best to start a child in a swimming pool with swimming lessons between the ages of six and twelve months. The reason for this is because the water still has natural associations with the womb at this time. Some mothers actually start their children in swim lessons as early as twelve weeks while other choose to wait until the child is at least eighteen months old. However, if you wait until too late it can be more difficult to help a child adjust to water and learn proper breath control.

Once children understand the feeling of water on their face they will come to enjoy their swimming lessons. Always remember to start the training slow. A great first exercise is to learn to blow bubbles. This first step is perfect when helping children to swim for the first time since there is no possibility of inhaling water during this exercise. You are simply teaching the child how to blow air bubbles or exhale while having their head under water. Once the child becomes accustomed to the water you can start with more difficult swim lessons.

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