Learn How to Swimming Safely

Kids Swim Safety Most children view swimming as a fun activity and find it exciting. However, this isn’t the case for all kids. Some have a fear of water or are worried when it comes time to swim. Consider the following tips to help your kids learn how to swimming safely. With these tips you can make learn how to swimming safely be a logical sequence of steps that make the process easy for your child who has a fear of water.

The first step is to have your child get their face wet. A good way to start this is with a simple game such as blowing bubbles in the water or blow ping-pong balls across the water. These activities should be done in a shallow kiddie pool of bath tub so the child doesn’t become frightened about the depth of the water.

The next step is to duck under water. With this you can teach the child using a doll or toy. Tell them to hold their breath while holding the doll underwater and then raise the toy out when they need to breathe again. As you play the game with them you can eventually encourage them to go underwater along with the toy. This is best done in waist-high water.

Next you move on to lie across the water in order to swim. This teaches them how their body feels when underwater. From here you can teach them to stroke. Place them on a floating board and then teach them to paddle with alternating arm pulls. Emphasize the need for strong, slow strokes in order to glide across the water.

Then when your child is ready you can teach them to jump into the water. Use a hula hoop to entice a child into jumping from the pool or dockside into the water. Once this has been achieved you child will be developing a confidence in water and can move on to the final stage which is diving underwater. Throw a weighted object into the water that is bright in color and have the child retrieve them. By the time you reach this level your child will be having so much fun they will have forgotten their fear of the water.

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