Why Take Infant Swim Classes

Infant Swim ClassesFor many swimming isn’t one of our strong attributes. This is why many are choosing to sign up for infant swim classes sometimes as early as six months. It is a fact that six month old babies can take swim classes with their parents. While this isn’t the traditional age you think of when it comes time for kids to start swimming, many swim instructors and experts are recommended that you start teaching children to swim before the age of three years for a variety of physical and psychological reasons.

Many fears that come out in adulthood were actually developed in the cerebrum at a young age. Psychologists believe this is because of unfamiliarity or bad associations that are placed into an infant’s subconscious. Some have speculated that adults who have a fear of water are those who were never introduced to the water at a young age or had a bad experience related to water at a young age. This is why infant swim classes are so important. Infant swim classes help to get the child in the pool and give them a sensory experience in the water from a young age.

Taking part in infant swim classes mean that you and your child are together which is a happy event that can lead to positive associations with the water. This gives the unnatural fear of water little chance to develop. If you are an adult that can’t swim it is actually a disability both physically and socially. So it is important to prevent this from happening by introducing your children to the water as early as possible with infant swim classes.

It is also helpful when children can associate swimming with something like a sport. Swimming is an excellent exercise for all individuals since it uses all the muscles of the body and develops both upper and lower body strength. Therefore, from a young age infant swim classes can help promote calorie burning and get your kids into the exercise mindset early on. This way it cognitively becomes a habit that they are more likely to stick with as they grow.

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